今年は相次ぐ災害が日本を襲いました。 台風で被害にあわれた方々には、心よりお見舞い申し上げますとともに、一日も早い復興を祈っております。

日が短くなり、秋も深まってまいりました。実りの季節、今年もギメルの山で松茸が採れました。10月の終わりには、ギメルの職人の一人に赤ちゃんが産まれ、ギメルの家族が年々増えています。大好きな犬や家族に囲まれて平和に日々を過ごす― これほど幸せなことはないと痛切に感じる今日この頃です。

A series of natural disasters hits Japan over this year.
My heart goes out to those affected by the typhoons (disasters) and its aftermath. I pray that life returns to normal in the areas of devastation as quickly as possible.

Days are getting shorter, an indication that the autumn is upon us.
Once again this year, we harvested MATSUTAKE mushrooms on the slope behind Gimel’s atelier.
At the end of October, a baby was born to one of our craftsmen and his wife, a wonderful addition to the Gimel family. There can hardly be anything happier than living a day to day life surrounded by the family, beloved dogs included, and I am thankful to those who make life so blessed and fulfilling.

Kaoru Kay Akihara