雨が上がり、太陽の光を受けて輝く緑の中で Soiree in the Green というお集まりを開きました。桜を愛でる会はあっても緑を愛でるということはなかなか少ないようで、お集まりの皆様がとても喜んでくださいました。


As the rain ceased and in the light of sunshine, a gathering called Soiree in the Green was held in the lush greenery. It seems that it is quite rare to take time to love greenery even though there is a society that loves cherry blossoms, and everyone at the event was very pleased.

In Japan, one of the world’s leading forest countries with about two-thirds of the land area surrounded by forests, it was a day to enjoy the true beauty of greenery that has been taken for granted.

Kaoru Kay Akihara