そういう中、3月19日から29日まで銀座・和光で、ギメル展―桜の詩―が開催されます。 閉塞感の漂う昨今ですが、ご事情が許せば、一刻でも楽しい時間を過ごして頂けますようお待ちしております。



Spring has come, and sunshine is getting warmer and feels nicer. Trees on a hill behind Gimel’s atelier are putting forth new leaves and buds, birds are singing and news of cherry blossom blooming began to arrive.  Also, buds of Yaezakura (double-flowered cherry blossom) surrounding our atelier are now swelling little by little.

Now, the WHO finally declared the novel coronavirus a pandemic and the spread of the virus causes severe shortage of facemasks on the market, so I started making handmade masks to give them to Gimel’s staff members.
When making them, I think of each and every one of the staff to change the size to fit them and enjoy being creative by considering not only pattern on the fabric, but also usability and design of masks.

Doing so could make MOTTAINAI (don't waste what is valuable) spirit begins to take root in our mind and everyone became more aware of protecting oneself and not causing troubles for others.

Meanwhile, Gimel exhibition - Story of Cherry Blossom – in Wako Ginza started on March 19 and will be held until March 29.

I would grateful if you could have a good time even only for a moment in this exhibition under the recent condition where a sense of stagnation is spreading everywhere, if circumstances allow.

Kaoru Kay Akihara