世の中はようやく”Quiet Luxury”がトレンドになってきそうで、ギメルにとっては嬉しい動きでもあります。ギラギラしたジュエリーが主役ではなく、身につけることでその方の品性や人柄が輝くように品質、技術、デザインに心を砕いています。


Welcoming Autumn

The harsh summer heat is finally gone, and the sound of cicadas reminds us of the change of seasons. While unusual weather and various conflicts around the world concern all of us, we manage to enjoy a full and happy life based on the firm belief that the conscience and the wisdom us humans possess will bring about the positive changes in not too distant future. We are delighted that “Quiet Luxury” is finally becoming a trend in the world. It is a welcomed movement for Gimel because we strive to create jewelry with highest quality, craftsmanship and design not necessarily for the jewelry to stand out as the centerpiece. We rather hope our creation will bring about the character and decency of the person who wears them. It looks like we can enjoy mountains changing colors to yellow and red in the coming season.

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