昨年9月に松坂屋美術館で『Four Seasons of Gimel ― ギメル 美の軌跡 “神は細部に宿る”』を開催し、6,000人に迫る来館者がありご好評をいただきました。


As plum blossoms flower, we begin to feel spring in the air. This past winter was particularly cold but all snow is now gone and it is finally the arrival of spring.
Last September, at the Matsuzakaya Art Museum, “Four Seasons of Gimel – Gimel’s Tail of Beauty. God is in details”, there were visitors close to 6,000 people and it received very favorable reviews.
We will hold another art exhibition, a condensed version, from April 19th at Tokyo – Ginza Six. We hope you can come visit us there.

Kaoru Kay Akihara