Four Seasons of Gimel ―ギメル 美の軌跡 神は細部に宿る


いよいよ、松坂屋美術館で展覧会 “Four Seasons of Gimel ―ギメル 美の軌跡 神は細部に宿る” が始まります。過去の作品を快くお貸し出しくださった皆様には心から感謝申し上げます。
皆様のお越しをお待ちしております。(会期9月9日 – 17日。詳しくはTOPICSをご覧ください)


This summer was a tough summer with severe high temperatures, but gradually the heat has begun to ease slowly and showing signs of autumn. As cicada voices cease, it is a sign that lively summer has passed as the mountains quietly enter the preparation for autumn foliage and fruits. The beautiful moon in the evening is lovely as we recognize the beauty of the four seasons in Japan, resulting with a new creation coming from the atelier of Gimel again.
At last, it is close to the exhibition “Four Seasons of Gimel – The Trail of Gimel Beauty” which will be held at Matsuzakaya Art Museum. Exhibition Dates September 9th – 17th. Please see TOPICS for further details.
At this point, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has loaned out their Gimel artifacts. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

Kaoru Kay Akihara