Soiree in the Green

雨が上がり、太陽の光を受けて輝く緑の中で、“Soiree in the Green” というお集まりを開きました。桜を愛でる会はあっても、緑を愛でるということはなかなか少ないようで、お集まりの皆様がとても喜んでくださいました。


I threw a party-” Soiree in the Green”, it was surrounded by greenery shining in the sun after rainy days. Everybody at the party appreciated the theme because people seem usually have a cherry blossom viewing party but not a greenery viewing party.
The day became a special day for us. We enjoyed the beauty of greenery thoroughly nonetheless we take it for granted as we live in Japan in where 2/3 of its land is forest and it is one the highest proportion of forested land in the world.

Kaoru Kay Akihara