山椒Two months have passed since the earthquake and we still do not see the end to all of this. They say that shakes have lessened a little and we pray from our hearts that people in those affected areas can go back to their peaceful days as before, at the earliest.

With month of May coming close to the end, the valleys of our Gimel Atelier are showing signs of early summer with its greenery deepening each day and growing little by little are the Japanese peppers. At its peak of growth, we will pick the peppers and pickle them in salt, in olive oil, and grind them as powder to keep as condiments. Growing wildly are the Japanese knotweeds and we will make delicious jams out of them. Japanese plums are pickled in Sake as a liqueur, and in salt as a preservative food. We are keeping ourselves very busy with regular work and also our hobbies in pickling.

Kaoru Kay Akihara