The hot summer with blue sky and bright white clouds has finally upon us.

Despite many unpleasant news around us, one that excitingly stands out is about Shohei Ohtani, the L.A. Angels player who has been quite exemplary on and off the field. His performance as a record breaking two way player, his demeanors like picking up some trash off the field, his pleasant and friendly attitude toward other players and staff, generous and polite yet modest personality are all heartwarming and making us proud that he represents Japan. A young boy who grew up dreaming of playing at the highest level in the world is a testimony to the importance of having dreams and hopes amidst this world where decency of humanity is often questioned. The Olympic Games are about to begin here despite many unanswered and unsolved problems.
I extend my most sincere admiration and celebration to those athletes who have devoted their lives to their dreams and hopes like Shohei has.

Kaoru Kay Akihara

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