最近SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)と言う言葉をよく聞くようになりました。これは「持続可能な開発目標」と訳され、2030年までに持続可能でより良い世界を目指す17項目の国際目標だそうです。これから先の20年がどうなるかは私達にかかっています。企業は勿論、個人のレベルでも高い意識を持つことがとても大切な事だと思いました。



September brought us a nice, comfortable cool air. I hope that you are doing well even though we are living through this prolonged pandemic.
Brutal natural disasters occurred worldwide this summer such as floods in Germany and China, wildfires in Europe, Siberia and North America. In Japan, we suffered from abnormal weather phenomena such as long spell of rain, sudden rainfall, tornados this summer that we have not experienced before.
It is reported by UNDRR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction) that 7,348 cases of natural disaster occurred in last 20 years and 1,230,000 people died as the result. The number of the cases increased by 1.7 times in the 20 years between 1980 and 2000. The word “SDGs” is getting popular among these days. SDGs stands for Sustainable Development Goals which contains 17 global goals that should be achieved by 2030 to make the world better and sustainable. It is up to us what the world will be like over the next 20 years. I believe it very important that not to only companies but also individuals have high consciousness about SDGs.

Kaoru Kay Akihara

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