3月に開催した和光・ギメル展にお越しいただいた男性のお客様から、思いがけなくギメル宛てにメールをいただきました。そこには、「あまり外出もしづらく不安なニュースばかりで心が沈んでおりましたが、『生きていてよかった』と思えました。(略) 『こんなときにジュエリーは必要なのか』という話も聞かれますが、どんなときでもジュエリーは人々に愛されてきたと自信を持って言える、そんな本物のもの作りをみせていただきました。」と書いて下さっていて、ギメルのジュリーがどなたかの心を少しでも豊かにすることができるのなら、これ以上幸せなことはないと思いました。



A covid-19 state of emergency was declared for Hyogo prefecture where Gimel’s atelier is located. Following this declaration, we are temporary closed until May 6th. We have already been doing everything we can do to avoid being exposed to the virus, such as wearing masks, washing hands, using sanitizers and sterilizing things we use as much as possible, however, we decided to close our atelier for a while to secure our craftsmen, staff and their family members and to avoid further infections in Japan by fulfilling responsibility as a company contributing society.

As informed in the previous message, we held an exhibition at Wako Ginza in March, and I have received an E-mail from a male visitor saying “In these days, I haven’t been comfortable going outside and been kind of depressed by a lot of unsettling news, but Gimel’s jewelries made me feel “I’m happy to be alive! … Sometimes I hear people saying “Is jewelry necessary for people under this circumstances?”, however, when exposed to genuine craftsmanship of Gimel’s jewelries, I felt that I can confidently say “Jewelries have always been loved by people.” I feel there is nothing that could make us happier than this if Gimel’s jewelry could enrich someone’s mind even a little.

Now, “Yaezakura” – Japanese ancient cherry blossoms – surrounding our atelier are in bloom and they will definitely bloom again next year. Therefore, this is the time for us to endure patiently while praying that all of us can celebrate the cherry blossoms at that time.
Wishing you peace and comfort in the days ahead.

Kaoru Kay Akihara