The cooler wind blowing down the valley here in Ashiya reminds us that the autumn is with us. This is a busy season at Gimel, not only with the work creating Gimel jewelries but also with “extracurricular” activities we enjoy outside of our studio. We begin the fermentation process of Miso in a large earthenware for the year and we must peel approximately 500 persimmons to hang and dry underneath the eaves to make dried persimmons, an absolute delicacy here in Japan. These activities provide the staff with enjoyable opportunities to gather around and work together outside of our normal work. We just night be lucky to find Matsutake mushrooms amongst the trees as we have done in years past. Will see how it goes this year.
Although the temperature is on the decline as the day goes by, and the world is challenged by the viral pandemic, I intend to carefully enjoy myself with wonderful joys which are brought by the season.

Kaoru Kay Akihara