Time does fly and it is December already. However, winter here in Japan is abundant with various delicacies. I am thankful that Gimel is blessed with many wonderful customers. A customer who lives in Hakodate, Hokkaido sent us a fresh salmon. After having it professionally cleaned and filleted by a master chef, we had an awesome lunch of grilled salmon with Sake lee soup, a traditional winter delight. What a treat for all our staff members!!! 
I am very careful when considering the lunch menu for our staff dining because I recognize food as the source of energy. Sharing and enjoying good meals with other staff members are absolutely vital for our health, both mentally and physically. We are very grateful for this seasonal delicacy directly delivered from where it’s caught.
A devastating pandemic of Covid-19 raged throughout the world during this year. 
However, I wish your new year will be blessed with good health, happiness and joy.

Kaoru Kay Akihara