Taste of Autumn

In October, we made soup with matsutake mushrooms harvested in Gimel mountain, and this month we will work hard to make dried persimmons for the fourth year. These persimmons were sent from Sado Island in the Japan Sea. we had 500 pieces in the first year, 600 pieces in the next year, then finally 800 pieces last year.
We found that 800 pieces are the limit, so about 10 staff volunteers work on 800 pieces this year again.
In December, we will begin the fermentation process of 80 kg of miso in a large earthenware and it will be miso soup for lunch by autumn next year. It is truly a blessing to be able to taste the change of seasons along with the change of sights and sounds of each season.

At the same time we are quite mindful and deeply concerned about those whose lives are devastated by natural disasters, conflicts, wars and other tragedies that are currently happening around the world. We are grateful for our health and peaceful life but we recognize that we must do our best in contributing to the welfare of those who are less fortunate than us.

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